Security and SLA

Our Service Level Agreements guarantee our services contractually. Thus, features like high availability, use of exclusively high-quality branded hardware, free-of-charge support and much more are not only a promise to you, but warranted characteristics. In our Service Level Agreements we have summarized all guaranteed benefits clearly arranged for you.
Our Service Level Agreements ( SLA ) guarantee our services contractually.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all services of Cloudamo

First-class high-end Internet connection - the network

Operation of a large Gigabit backbone as well as use of various network providers and peering points. Multiredundant network connections to important nodes ensure fast web access - no matter if you go for Cloud Admin or you choose the Budget Dedicated Server, Standard or Performance Server.
Cloudamo guarantees that the internal network of the Service Datacenter is available at all times, except for planned maintenance work carried out after the customer's preliminary information.
Cloudamo guarantees that Internet connection of the services is available in 99.9% of the time, except for planned maintenance work carried out after the customer's preliminary information.


of all servers in a professional datacenter with air conditioning, fire protection, access control. There are strict security precautions for safeguarding access to the datacenter premises. Each employee is equipped with a personal RFID card, on which his access authorization is stored. These are regularly checked and adapted as required. In order to be able to enter the premises, each employee must first present his card for verification and pass an access lock individually. The datacenters themselves have an even higher level of security, since they can only be entered by especially authorized employees.

Free-of-charge 24/7 email service

for all our packages and requests (customer service, technology, sales, ...) with the fastest possible reaction time within the booked SLA.
SLA1: 12h business hours Mon-Fri 08-17 ( 9h SLA per day )
SLA2: 6h business hours Mon-Fri 08-17 ( 9h SLA per day )
SLA3: 1h 24/7 around the clock

Additional "24/7 emergency support"

for SLA3 customers. A technician is at your disposal during the "24/7 Emergency Support" in case of urgent individual failures and problems at any time and around the clock.

Support from our "Quality Management"

in case you might eventually not be satisfied. Direct management contact is possible at any time via customer menu and email.

Automatic monitoring

of the server you use, incl. all our services (email, web, etc.) as well as the automatic notification and intervention of our standby service in the event of a breakdown around the clock.

First response failure

in the case of technical defects and failures within a maximum of 30 minutes from receipt of the failure message at our standby service (monitoring/emergency contact).

Prompt provision

of status messages and information in the event of a failure or maintenance at, as well as automatically via email if registered in the mailing list.


of the services offered by us on average 99.9% per year and service. Pro-rata reimbursement of monthly basic fee. Refund as a percentage of the monthly service price starting from customer contact.

Use of redundant systems

as far as technically possible and economically reasonable to minimize the risk of failures. Use of high-quality components and system elements Safeguarding server hard disks by using RAID 1/5/10 (data mirroring) in order to minimize risk of failure and data loss.

Money-back guarantee:

You can test all our rates without risk. If you are not satisfied, please send us your contract cancelation within 7 days, or use the canceling function in the customer panel. You will then be refunded the full amount.
The money-back guarantee does not apply to domain registrations, SSL and other supplementary services.
For a fully free-of-charge test you can simply use a free Cloudamo subdomain at your order and refrain from booking additional service during your test period.

Our 1st and 2nd level customer service

will be happy to help you with any questions concerning our offers and services. Even when it comes to questions concerning the use of our services with third-party products, we are ready to help with words and deeds as far as possible. Excluded from this SLA is advice regarding third-party products in case they are not directly related to the services we provide (Nextcloud, ownCloud, Server OS and Software). Please note that Cloud Admin offers are not suitable in any case and for every application area or user number, and despite high-quality components the technical power resources are not scalable and expandable at will. Please contact us with questions and problems so that we can find an individual solution together with you.

SLA selection for ALL server packages, VPS SSD, VPS STOR, DEDICATED SERVER.

All packages include the free SLA 1 (12h business hours / working days MON-FRI 08-17 at 9h SLA per day) for support responses, orders, ....
If you want a faster response / setup time, you have to change / set the SLA accordingly when ordering. You get more benefits with a higher SLA:
E.g. SLA2, with a response time of only 6h business hours / working days or
E.g. SLA3 response time 24/7 at max. 1h, monitoring of your services from 30 countries, faster cloud upgrades due to high priority, live chat support, loading time checks, high priority ticket status, ... are also included. The SLA2 is available for € 5 and the SLA3 for € 10 extra per month and can be selected when ordering.

More benefits of a business account:

* Fast support max. 1h around the clock, average response time 2-10 minutes for 6 years
* Faster cloud upgrades due to high Prio
* Installation of Apache / PHP extensions on request
* Log analystic the cloud
* Theme Design support by our developer team
* Daily bug and security fix integration if available
* Setup, service as well as addon orders are placed at the very beginning of the checklist and are therefore processed first
* Business contracts/account
* Hosting on business servers
* IPv6 support
* Live chat support
* Automatic speed tests for up / download to provide you with the best performance, as well as direct intervention and analysis for detected problems
* Load time checks of the cloud from different countries / countries including backend login for the customer's view
* Statistics evaluation as well as Taskreports over completed accomplishments / interventions -> weekly
* Direct contact with a technician
* Monitoring of your service from 30 countries 24/7 incl. Own login to the monitoring panel
* High Prio ticket status

This SLA applies to all packages on .

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