What is included ?

We list here, what is all included with any service you order with Cloudamo, Basic, VPS or dedicated for FREE:

  1. Fully managed hosting, this mean, we manage all, setup, optimization, security, install of Nextcloud, SSL setup, updates etc.
  2. Free SSL is included with every service for any amount of domains and subdomains.
  3. Free support regarding any problems with Nextcloud, hosting or similar
  4. Free subdomain if you do not have your own domain for Nextcloud.
  5. Free OnlyOffice integration for any service is provided.
  6. Free Talk app for all your conversation needs, video talks etc.
  7. Free full Nextcloud admin access, to install from large range of apps, tools.
  8. Free migration from Nextcloud or from any other hosting provider to us.

and much more ...

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